Prof Amitabha Sanyal

He is probably one of the few Professors in CSE-IITB who teaches considering the grasping speed of the slowest student in the class. When you sit through an hour of his class you can literally feel the time he has put in, preparing just to teach us. His teaching style has this approach that makes you believe he knows his subject very well, and that there is so much more that one can learn from him.

Apart from his regular classes which are in themselves very interactive and interesting, his tutorial sessions are personally conducted by him and he takes care that each and every student is able to understand all the contents of the course. He always seems prepared for every doubt a student might ask.

(Added by Naman) The Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming course taken by him in as early as a student’s second semester often proves to be a healthy and motivating introduction to what a student should expect from the courses coming up in the department. (/Added by Naman)

I believe that he truly deserves an excellence in teaching award.The approach he suggests, one should take towards any questions, are really very helpful specially for weak students.

He is one who will try his best that the students don’t have to go hostel, with any doubt in their mind.Always trying to teach the concept in simplest and best possible way.He is one of the best prof, and i feel extremely pleasured to be taught by him. His friendly approach in class has always been enchanting, which made the course a lot more fun.